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DE XC008530

July 28, 2009

So I’m riding down 896 (South) in Glasgow (DE). I get into the left turn lane (which is a shoulder lane), and this young girl driving a gray Honda Accord with a temporary DE tag of XC008530 decides to also go left, right in front of me, without her signal. No, not that severe of a manouver, but it was still annoying. So I yelled out (though she didn’t hear me) “You’re a bad driver!”


Here it is

July 19, 2009

I am just starting out and intend to post frequently.

The topic of this blog is bad drivers.  We all know they are everywhere.  Perhaps someone just needs to point that out to them every once in a while.  I know the chances of any of them actually reading this is slim to none, but frankly, I don’t care because if I can vent, it won’t bother me so much.  Also, perhaps my wife won’t complain about my complaining so much if I have a place to vent.  🙂  It’s a win-win!!